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Memoir, creative ficiton, and non-fiction with the sole purpose of telling a good yarn.

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Coming Back To Windsor

*Photo – Ontario and the Ambassador Bridge over the Detroit River linking Detroit and Windsor. Two lake freighters maneuvering in the river. Picture taken October 4, 2004 by Matt314 from Belle Isle. (Ship on right is the integrated tug/barge G. L. Ostrander (tug, 1976) / Integrity (barge, 1996) ) taken from the Wikimedia Commons []

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Down at Jerry’s

*Photograph from Pixabay [ man-male-pub-alcohol-sitting- 1082352/]  ∅CCO Public Domain. The puzzle now was beyond reach, or at least it seemed that way to Art Wesman. Wesman stood in the bus station in down-town Toronto watching the crowds […]